2013 Prize Judges

The judges for the 2013 Calistro Prize are Suzanne Lazaroo, Marisa Repin and Animah Kosai.

 2013 JudgeSuzanne Lazaroo has been writing for most of her life, starting with the ‘newspaper’ she ‘published’ when she was 6, complete with stick figure drawings. She has made a living as a writer for the last 11 years and now writes  for Flavours, a monthly food lifestyle magazine, and therefore pretty much eats for a living. Food aside, she also devours fantasy, YA and children’s fiction in alarming amounts and her biggest fear is running out of books one day.


marisa Book lover, writer and zinester in between, Marisa Repin’s day job is as book buyer at Books Kinokuniya  Malaysia, specializing in young adult and children’s fiction. She holds a MA in English Studies and is at present contemplating ideas for her doctorate. Her short story “Pirate Girl” was published in Matahari Books’ anthology Body2Body in 2009. Themes on mythology, gender and cultural diversity are her current areas of study and reading.

IMG_7168 Animah Kosai is a lawyer with 10 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry and 10 years in legal practice in Malaysia. She also writes, vacillating between fiction, plays and articles of a series nature. She was a consolation prize winner for Kakiseni’s playwriting competition 10×10: 100 Minutes to Change the World and was a writer with Instant Café Theatre’s “FirstWorks” playwright programme. Animah has loved reading children’s fiction since childhood and continues buying children’s books on the pretext they are for her daughter.

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