Elevator Pitch Session with MPH

Another great reason for writers to come to the Calistro Prize Award Ceremony on Saturday:

Elevator Pitch Session with MPH

An exciting opportunity at the Calistro Prize Awards on Saturday 17 January !

Looking to be published?

There is a session called an ELEVATOR PITCH SESSION with MPH. Writers and artists will be given 5 mins with an MPH editor (there are 5 stationed before lunch) to pitch your proposal to get an MPH contract for writing children’s fiction. You can lobby for a manuscript to be published or if you have a story idea, pitch it to them in 5 minutes. Please register for this when you register for the awards event if you are interested

This is a golden opportunity. If you know of any writer or illustrator who may be interested but has not been registered for the event, please invite them to come at 2pm for this opportunity.


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